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    [I also posted this over in Treo 600 Hardware. Please help if you can]

    I've got a Treo 600 & AT&T is my service provider.

    I have the original Treo email app mapped to the little "envelope key" so that hitting the envelope key takes me right to my inbox. Starting tonight, each and every time I hit that envelope key to take me to my inbox, *wham* the Treo soft resets.

    If I go to "Applications" and select the "mail" application with my stylus or the jog dial button *wham* the Treo soft resets.

    Any ideas? I have the idea that the mail app is somehow corrupt, but I can't find a place to download the app to test this theory. Can this be done?

    Oh yes, I've synced from my desktop computer a couple of times -- no dice. I've even force over-written all Treo data from my desktop computer -- no dice there, either. I still get the soft reset every time when I try to enter the mail program.

    FWIW: I am using ~ 14 megs of my 23 megs, so low memory would not appear to be the culprit. Also, two days ago, I did a purge of my email Inbox, paring it back to "discard all messages older than one month. This left ~ 1700 messages in my inbox. (I went in and deleted the old messages from the inbox, and then even cleared out the "Deleted Messages" box.)

    I am stumped. All else on the phone works OK if I don't try to access mail. But, obviously, this is less than ideal.

    Help, please!

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    Try to download another Mail app and use it to see if there is someting in your mailbox causing the problem. If the other mail app works fine, then you probably have to contact PalmOne or someone like that for help.
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