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    Has anyone experienced incoming calls not being able to function with the speaker? Out going calls are fine, it is just the incoming ones that will not work.
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    Do you have the keyboard prc installed? If so, open it and disable it and your incoming calls will work fine - Both Car Kit and Keyboard are trying to use the port... When you want to use a keyboard you can enable the prc, just remember when you are done using it to disable it so your car kit will work.
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    I'm an Mobile Installer for Best Buy and have run into a similar issue with a customer's phone. From what I can tell, they do not have a seperate keyboard for their 600. Do you know of any other things that it could be? This may sound stupid, but if he does have a keyboard for it, it would show up in the main app list?
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    If they have the portablekb.prc on their phone, you will find it in the system directory... If it be there, just open it up and disable it. If the Treo be the Sprint version, there is a patch the Palm came out with to address the problem - You can get it from Palm1 or Allen at THB... Those 2 items are the only known issues. Allen at THB in FL. is very responsive to his callers!

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