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    This is a newbie question: want to install picture(s) for designated favorites so when they call, their pix will pop up. How can I install pictures into Treo 600? According to book I bought (which is for PC users!)...there is option in configure hotsync manager to download when hot syncing...but I don't see that on my app?

    Easiest way of course is to take picture with Treo and then install. But what happens if I want to export a picture, say from iPhoto?

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    In Iphoto, shrink the picture to something manageable, say 320 x 240, and then transfer the picture to an sd card. Put the card in the treo, and open the photos app. Choose to see the photos on the card, not internal photos. Highlight the photo on the list. Choose "downsize" from your menu list (you may have to transfer it to internal memory first), which will make the picture about 1k, but still retain a decent look. If you haven't transferred it from your card yet, choose "move" from the menu, and move it to internal memory.

    From there, do as you usually do to connect the image to the contact.

    That should work!


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