As others mentioned, I called Debbie Stanford at Sprint. To summarize my phone conversations:

800-771-4960 - use this number to reach Debbie. She can either, 1) set up a new account and give you $150 off for a 2-yr contract (she quoted the 18 month requirement to "re-up" your 2-yr contract), or 2) add an existing line to your account. She is incredibly helpful and called me back in 3 minutes after I left a message. She also called me back to make sure I got my order taken care of by the Accessories folks.

866-343-1114 - this is the Accessories line. They can sell a "cold" phone that you call Sprint (upon receipt of the new phone) to have activated/switched from an existing line. The 650 is available through them FOR SURE and, unlike with Debbie, they have an overnight option for an additional $3 (Debbie can only provide 2-3 day). I spoke with Joel who confirmed they still had adequate stock to guarantee my 650 for tomorrow delivery (signature REQUIRED!). However, they sold 50 units during our 4 minute phone conversation. His estimate was that, at that rate, they will probably be out of their first shipment by the end of today or tomorrow... for what it's worth.

No one could tell me why some Sprint departments do not have the 650 available to them. But, they had no doubt that there is a large supply that is currently shipping. I guess we'll all know by tomorrow if their info is legit. I hope this is helpful.