Hello again

I've been browsing the TreoTones site and collected a few interesting midis. But how can I transfer them to my Treo? The instructions on-site want you to download directly onto the device, but I'd rather save the cash and do it via a PC. I'd also like to use some other midis of mine. Can it be done?

I've also tried to install Kinoma video player (the free one). I want to see the Treo's potential as a video player. But while playing the AvP trailer (which I got from the Palm site), it does a soft reset at exactly the same point into the playback (about 30 seconds in). Until then it seems fine.

Lastly, how do you attach a photo to a contact? Can the Treo Desktop Software's "Treo Pictures" be replaced by the "Photos" manager of the Palm Desktop Software from the Palm site?