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Help! Outlook, inbox subfolders, sd card storage? - webOS Nation Forums
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    Ok guys, I did some searching but I'm more confused now than when I started. Please forgive me, but I want to start this thread to directly address a chain of questions that I think are dependent upon one another:

    1) How do I sync my Treo with outlook's inbox subfolders? For example, right now I have a filter setup in outlook that directs incoming emails to either a personal or business subfolder, depending on the contact. A sync using Snapper and AgendusMail will only grab those emails in the root folder. Therefore, my email never syncs!

    1a) I've discovered that the full version of Intellsync specifically allows the syncing of subfolders. However, it wants to sync with the palm database aptly named "email". It would seem my Verizon phone has no built in app to look at that database, and Snapper/Agendus have their own db. The net result after configuring Intellsync is a success, but with no way to view the subfolders on the Treo.

    2) Assuming we get to the point where I can sync subfolders, is there a way to direct the storage of the email database to the SD card? My outlook data file will typically reach over 100mb, so this will probably only work if I can store the sync'd emails on the SD card.

    3) Am I the only guy that needs this? I find it hard to believe no one else uses subfolders and that they don't need to sync with their palm device. I've got to say, this issue alone (if not solved) could drive me to the dark side. Pocket Outlook on the PPC does this as a matter of course.

    Thanks for any help you can offer guys. At this point, I'm pretty darn frustrated with this otherwise nearly perfect Treo.
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    I'm using Business Connection (Sprint) which is available on Verizon under a different name. It has the same issue and I was initially frustrated because I had about ten different rules in Outlook filtering emails into various folders. In order to use email on the Treo I had to blow away all my rules and take all my new emails in the inbox only.

    Initially this was frustrating but I got used to it, and now I prefer it. Speed is key when I'm working on the Treo and it's a lot faster to have everything in one place. Besides, the reality is that the Treo is fine for small amounts of typing but if I'm doing a lot of work in email I'd rather be on my laptop with a real screen and keyboard. YMMV.
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    If you search around here long enough, you'll eventually discover the following:

    - If your mail is delivered via POP/SMTP, there are only two apps provide HotSync capability Outlook: PalmOne's VersaMail 2.5 and InBox-to-go from Dataviz. Of the two, only VersaMail offered subfolder syncing - but it's no longer being sold or supported. The Dataviz product is still available, but its very buggy and crashes frequently. Both these products allowed for attachments to be stored on the memory card.

    There are lots of other POP email clients for the Treo (Snapper and PalmOne Mail among them) but none of the others allows any syncing with Outlook - they can only "see" emails that are on your POP server.

    - If your email server is IMAP, then you can get emails directly from the server onto folders on your Treo using Chatter. (If you don't know what IMAP is then you most likely don't have it. It requires that your system admin use a specific email protocol and server combination.)

    - If you are in a corporate environment that uses an Exchange server, then your only option is to use a redirector like Sprint Business Connection, Seven, or Goodlink. Some of these need to be loaded on the server itself, and so you will need assistance/permission from the IT department. And I'm not sure whether they provide access to subfolders.

    - Or, if you leave your desktop computer running all the time, you can use Sproquit, which is a real-time email mirroring software. For it to work, it needs to be running all the time on your desktop, and Outlook needs to be open.

    I wanted folders too, but after a year of fruitless searching (and purchasing every email client I could find), I have given up. Instead, I just use the Treo for reading new emails on the go, and still rely on Outlook to do more serious email management tasks.
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    One thing I just discovered this week while travelling is that subfolders are accessible through Sprint Business Connection over the web. If you use Blazer and go to, Mail Folders is a link that will show you all top-level Outlook folders. If you click on Inbox, it will give you an Subfolders option.

    It is slow and is a bit of a pain to navigate, but I only use folders for filing reference emails, so it is better than nothing.

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