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    I think it's timeto get a life, folks. No one is going to die, lose their job or go hungry because they have to wait a few weeks for a Treo. If you already sold your old Treo, well, that's a decision you made and a risk you chose, so don't expect sympathy from me. I can easily wait a few weeks in exchange for $250.
    Bob Meyer
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    So it's true that you can still get the rebate from Sprint by ordering from Vienna Channels? Is there anything you have to do to ensure the rebate. Also, can someone post a link to the rebate?
    I thought that you had to order from Sprint or Palm directly.
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    nevermind. i think i found the rebate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prefixmag
    nevermind. i think i found the rebate.
    Thanks for the link. However, the form does mention "Corporate-sponsored business customers are not eligible." There's another little blip about it at the bottom too. I truly hope not, but doesn't VC fall under this?
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    As much as I want my 650 ASAP, I could not actually activate it on the Sprint system until December, since that is when MY 18 months on current phone takes effect.

    I'm not 100% certain if I can get the $150 rebate/credit from purchasing via ViennaChannels, Sprint Reps have told me yes, but others who have talked to Sprint have said no, so we will see.

    At least 300s in good shape are going for $100 still on ebay, will sell mine there after the 650 is up and running!
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    I was at the roadshow today in DC and asked one of the Palm reps when VC would start shipping. Nothing we don't know already but he said 2 weeks for the Sprint 650 and not until January for the GSM 650.
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    I think we may be hosed for a while. Jeff still says 2-4 weeks and hasn't been given any date for shipment from P1.
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    jeff said the same thing to me. i have to keep reminding myself that it was either $600 for immediate gratification ordering it from Sprint or saving $250 by using viennachannels and that by choosing viennachannels i made the right choice in the long run.

    of course this decision is making me sitting here drooling that others have received the Treo 650 but knowing I save money that will be spent wisely (on a 1GB memory card and a Vaja case, and maybe a Jabra Bluetooth Headset if I have money left over) will allow me to get through the crappy waiting part.
    Doug Kaplan
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