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    Hi treo community,
    Please forgive me for my ignorance!!! I'm new at this.Can someone explain to me exactly how to unzip files using HANDZIPPER.I downloaded it straight into my program file/handspring folder were i downloaded all my other zipped files.Thinking once i hot sync, this handzipper would go into my phone then un zip the files. It didn't happen,however two of the zipped files did go into my phone big clock and flight status ??????? (don't know how) all the other ones didn't.Please help in the correct way of unzipping.Thanks
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    I'm not 100% clear what you've done in your post. Handzipper is to be used to unzip files saved on the SD/MMC card which you have in your Treo, not for files that reside on your workstation.

    When you launch Handzipper, you point to the file on the card and unzip it. You can then install Palm programs or data which reside in the zip file.

    Also you can launch Handzipper from Snappermail and other programs which recognize zip files (like browsers) without saving the file to the card first.

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