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    When using the T650 simulator, I can't display a local webpage from Blazer.

    I put a web page (test.html) in the root of the simulator's "expansion card"

    When I enter file:///test.html for an address in Blazer, I get a "Browser Error" popup that displays "Unknown Error. URL:file:///test.html"

    I'm hoping that I'm doing something wrong, or that the Simulator is the problem. This works on my Treo 600 and I just moved all of my bookmarks to a custom internal page. It would be a bummer to lose that capability.

    Can anyone else confirm this problem using the Simulator? Perhaps one of the early T650 owners can test this out?
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    Can somebody with a T650 check to see if Blazer can display web pages from an expansion card?

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    I run a local web page just fine!!!!!!!! fwitw I never got the sim to run stuff from the card properly.
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    It works fine on the device, just not on Simulator.

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