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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoFever
    Palm one $599.99, plus free over night shipping, no tax, and a free bluetooth head set

    Sprint $599.99, $7 for over night shipping, tax ($50), and no head set ($50)

    Is it worth the $100 to have the 650 a week or two earlier from sprint?

    Im sticking with palm one and waiting

    Headset is actually worth $ in a way you are actually saving $150...
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    So if I'm reading everything correctly, Sprint and P1 have the phone at the same price. But with Sprint you get the phone this week and with P1 next week but you get a free headset?

    Is that correct?

    Now how does the $150 Sprint customer with an old phone rebate work? Can you still get that if you buy from P1?

    If you buy with P1 how do set up your Sprint account?

    What about the $30.00 web rebate from Sprint?

    Local sprint store also said several months ago that Target employees get a 10% discount. Would that only apply to the Store or telesales with Sprint?

    Brain is starting to hurt.

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    I'm waiting on my P1 order too. The free BT headset and lack of sales tax make it worth the extra week wait. Plus I feel rejected by Sprint because I don't qualify for their $150 rebate having switched to my T600 last November.

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    Norrin Rad - You can get the $150 rebate if you buy from palm one

    "Thank you for contacting the Sprint PCS Rebate Center. You may go
    ahead and purchase your new phone from a Palm store and the rebate
    will be honored. Please remember that you need to sign or renew your
    Advantage Agreement, sign or remain on a $34.99 or higher monthly

    JOV3 - I didnt not use $99 for the value since you can get it alot cheaper on ebay
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    So, I spoke to P1, and ordered the phone. 650 plus headset, plus free shipping plus no sales tax. Then when I get the phone I contact Sprint for the 150 rebate. This seems like such a good deal I'm having a hard time believing it.

    And the cost for the savings is what, not having the phone for a week.......seems like a no brainer.

    Be interested to hear from others how having the phone earlier is worth the money.

    So all that's left is to stalk my UPS driver.

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    I have a pending order with PalmOne. Of course the Sprint orders going out are making me jealous, but on pure pricing grounds, I don't mind the wait. I've coveted a Treo since the 600 came out, after all. What's another week?

    However, I was wondering. Is there a procedural or logistical advantage through ordering through Sprint?

    I'm a current Sprint customer, but just using a "dumb phone" (albeit one with Vision and a camera). Will I have more problems setting up my PalmOne-shipped Treo 650 on my account and with my old number than I would if I went directly through Sprint?

    It sounds like all orders - PalmOne, TreoCentral, Vienna - are going through Sprint anyway, so I don't think this is a problem... but I just wanted to make sure. Maybe existing-customer preorder phones come ready-to-use on my account or something.
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    I just got my tracking # for my Sprint order today - I should be getting my Treo 650 tommorrow from Sprint. I still have my 650 order open with P1 and the free BT headset. I'm going on a business trip the week after Thanksgiving and REALLY wanted to have the 650 with me. In my opinion, my 650 from PalmOne probably wouldn't have arrived on Wednesday or Friday next week.
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