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    It would be nice if a sticky with updated treo 650 FAQ Status post could be made that contained condenced notes on the 650. Perhaps a moderator could make it, post it and edit it as new information becomes available such as actual shipping status, the release of drivers for a Wi-Fi Card etc. It could look something like this: (information provided here by me is just to represent what post could look like and i not accurate.

    I think that this type of post if maintained would help a lot of people who want to know the latest about the device without reading thousands (of admittedly fastenating posts) or posting duplicate threads.

    TREO 650 FAQ Status
    1 Brief Specs:
    Table with comparison to 600 Maybe also 6601
    600 650 6601
    Free Memory
    Remove Bat N Y ?
    Bluetooth N Y Y
    OS P5.2 MS 2002v2?
    And so on

    Announced, Sprint, Cingular/ATT, Orange....
    Not Announced T-mobile, Verizon

    Sprint (not yet - but maybe this week)
    Cingular - Jan 05?
    as of 11-17-04 no Vienna Channels, sprint or Palm customers have received shipping confirmation yet

    And some FAQ'
    NO Wi-Fi internal, No SDIO drivers yet for Wi-Fi, looks like maybe in the future but no promises and was never delivered for 600.
    Internal Memory is backed automatically to included internal Flash
    GSM from Palm One not locked Quad Band
    GSM from Cingular ATT (maybe locked not known)
    Sprint BT wont allow laptop teathering yet, rumored that it will be included later.

    Palm Road shows vienna channel coupons:
    If you attended an event you were offered the chance to order a single unit. They check your order by the record of your actual attendance. So you cant order if your were not there.

    Apps people are asking about
    Included are
    Docs to Go 7 full version
    Third party support for enterprise applications:
    No cliant for Blackberry Enterprise server yet (but one rumored to be in the works for 1qtr 05).
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    I have already said this in TC forum. We also need to ban anyone who doesnt read it and starts another thread about the subject.
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    Fantastic idea. You could also add a listing of applications with compatibility issues (file-system related or otherwise), and applications that have problems running off of SD cards, or using SD cards for data (a common issue given the limited memory on the Treo).

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