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    Again I say...Darn you current Sprint customers...Darn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I'm SO jealous!!!!!)
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    lol so is there a Sale? Quick, guys...Which number to call?
    Thanks, as always.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bitt03
    what is everyone paying for this phone? 450?
    I'm an existing customer. $599 + tax + $5 shipping. Something like $640 all told. Way more than any sane person would pay for a phone.
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    in the next few days plus a 600. Looks like several people are doing this. Guess Ill ebay the 600 & one of the 650's. Go ahead & order one. I saw the bt headset that comes w/the P1 offer for $65. I used the accessories phone # to order the 650.
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    I just called to correct my shipping address and the lady said that this phone is back ordered and they won't ship for 7 days. In other words this is only a preorder for Sprint. I am keeping my Palm order as well as per both companies don't charge till the phone has shipped. Hope others check on this as well. Any way the only thing coming to most of us tomorrow is just another Thursday, sans seinfeld.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dulan
    Anyone Tried The Stores Yet???
    I visited my local Sprint store yesterday. They, sounding very "knowledgeable" and confident about the subject, said the Treo 650 would not be available until the first of the year.

    I plan on taking my new Treo 650 back to the store to show them how cool it is.
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    I'm a new Sprint customer and was able to order today through the business channel without any problems. Already received a call back that I should have the phone tomorrow.
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    Alright, so I just got mine order with confirmation and everything! I spoke to an extremely knowledgeable and well-informed sales rep from Utah named Kevin. He mentioned that the Treo 650's just arrived today and are going like hot-cakes! They got 2,500 units in, and 5 minutes ago they are down to less than 800. The way he said it, I almost wanted to order 50 more!!! I should be receiving mine tomorrow late morning. Good luck to those of you who are able to get your orders in while they still have a few left!
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    Ok, I'll adjust....

    Darn you Current Sprint Customers and new Business Customers!!!!

    I'm going off to the corder to sulk and wear my empty 650 case...;-)
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    This is all B.S. All current orders of the treo 650 through sprint have been placed on back order. The few people who ordered first thing in the morning may get their phones, but sprint has apparently sold their entire stock of Treo 650s. I placed an order at 1-888-253-1315 and the guy I talked to assured me that the phones were there and were shipping. I made a point of saying that I needed to know if the phones are going out since I was going to sell my current Treo 600 and he gave a smug "yup, you've got it". Of course when I called back about an hour later and talked to someone in shipping (same number), she said that the phone was back ordered and that it would take no more than 7 days to get in. Bunch of jackasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmill72x
    Oh, and I was also told that today's 650 sale is for existing customers only, new Sprint customers are not allowed to place orders for 650s today. She said that was the first time since she's been working there that Sprint has ever done that, but apparently Sprint is on a new customer-centric push.

    Maybe it's just so that the existing customers like myself get the buggy, first-gen 650s, while the new customers get the second-gen version where some of the bugs have been worked out.

    I just ordered my 650 and told them that I'm NOT a current sprint customer and Jake said it was ok. He put my order in and said that I should receive it tomorrow but he could not "Guarantee" that it will be here tomorrow. I have an order number but no tracking # yet. He said that I could call back and get a tracking number. I'm gonna call back in about 2 hours and make sure my order was put in.
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    I wouldn't go sulk because a few people underestimate the value of money and over estimate the value of their future toy with which they will be bored of after a week. I too have a pre-order in with Palm. I see no reason to forfeit getting a free headset and charged no tax in exchange for getting a phone tomorrow that may or may not even really show up. Have you noticed the majority of posters on this subject are all brand new to the board? This just looks like someone stirring the bee hive...
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    It has been nearly five hours since I ordered my Treo 650 and it hasn't arrived yet. Should I be worried?
  15. SSM
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    Huh, I called 4 times and got the same from 4 different reps, only existing customers can order today, new customers on Friday.....
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    Soon after ordering my 650 this morning from Sprint, I put my 600 on eBay. It has sold already for $305.00.

    I hope Sprint comes through by Monday or I won't have a phone/pda!
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    Shadowmite, i'm new but definately not trying to stir up trouble, just having some fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4spammers
    It has been nearly five hours since I ordered my Treo 650 and it hasn't arrived yet. Should I be worried?

    Get a hold of yourself Man!
    I was large and in charge!
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    If you order today from sprint you get an autographed U2 treo650 that comes with a gift certificate for $50 to get 400 U2 ringtones.

    Whatever happens, hopefully at thanksgiving dinner we will be the guys/gals with the coolest toy!
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    I just placed an order for the Treo 650 and they said it would arrive in 2-3 days.

    Impatient (aren't we all), I called back and tried moving the shipping method to overnight delivery.

    The shipping department said they couldn't change the shipping method because the phones were "backorder" and "reserved."

    So I called BACK customer service and they told me their systems showed that they have over 1,000 still in stock.

    Yay Yay Yay! What's going on? Who can I get a straight answer from?
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