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    Just curious if anyone else has had the problem where saved pictures on an SD card stop displaying in the Camera app. When I insert the SD card on my PC they show up just fine. It doesn't appear that the size of the picture makes a difference. They just show up as the little icon of an orange photograph, ripped down the center. Kinda fustrating. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Have you tried formatting the card with the treo before saving your images to the card? Formattimg the card with your PC sometimes causes errors and I've read that you need to use FAT16. Hope this helps.
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    Well, I should have been more specific. Some of the pictures show and others don't. Kind of a weird.
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    any more ideas?
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    I have seen this on mine as well. I haven't done anything to 'fix' it. Perhaps try a different photo viewing software to see if that helps.
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    I tried the "pick'em" app and got the same problem. Hmmmm

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