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    I've had a GSM Treo 600 for nearly a year now and my contract is nearly up. I was going to upgrade to a 650 but the lack of on board wifi is pointing me in the direction of one of the Carrier Branded HTC Blue Angels.

    Althougth the screen res is less (240x320) the actual screen is bigger, I know the battery life will be less and the unit is bigger, I'm still tempted to jump ship.

    Anyone actually had use of both?
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    I haven't used the Blue Angel, but I've had a pre-production model of the Harrier (the Verizon CDMA version) for a few weeks now. I really like the screen and the Pocket PC OS, and the battery life is pretty good (although I haven't benchmarked it). However, it's quite large and heavy (just under a half a pound), and one-handed phone operation really isn't doable unless you thumb the screen, although some folks claim they can open the sliding keyboard with one hand. Speaking of which, I can tell already that the sliding keyboard is likely to get loose over time.
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    the blue angel is more of a pda/minicomputer, less a handy phone.

    if you're on the move and talk a lot, the blue angel feels like a saucer on your head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    the blue angel is more of a pda/minicomputer, less a handy phone.

    if you're on the move and talk a lot, the blue angel feels like a saucer on your head.
    Any BT headset will get rid of thise concern. Plus, the wi-fi abilibity will blow you away. Wait until you see the screen and compare it side by side to the Treo. Awesome.
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    I used both a Treo 600 and a MDA III (HTC Blue Angel). While the idea of a super-converged device like the MDA III is sweet, in practice it wasn't quite as good. First of all, the Blue Angel was a bit buggy. The bluetooth had connection problems and terrible static (a patch is being worked on but it not out yet for the poor sound quality problems). I also had problems with the device constantly dropping Activesync and had occasional lockups. Plus, I've heard that the slideout keyboard has scratched the keyboard piece, leaving tracks along the sides of the keyboard. As a phone, it was tough to use because of the poor bluetooth and using it as a regular phone, for instance in the car, was equally difficult because you had that giant fragile screen to concern yourself with (drops, etc). I also had an iPaq 6315 and though it was a less powerful device, it seemed more stable.

    The Treo 600 was a good phone and OK PDA but the novelty wore off quickly due to no bluetooth and a crappy low rez screen. The 650 will fix those issues and personally, I think it (the 650) is a better option.

    Curently, I have an iPaq 4700 (sweet VGA screen) and a Motorola V710. I'm keeping the iPaq but I think the 650 will be my phone and the V710 goes to backup mode
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    Here is a good review from a Treo user:
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