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    Hello all

    I finally got myself a shiny new Treo. Since I had much data on my prior device, I wanted to move all of it up onto the Treo. In the manual it said just to sync as usual with the same username as on my previous device (a Palm m130). Seemed harmless enough.
    But then I check the Treo to make sure all the stuff transferred OK. It didn't. No calender events, no contacts, nothing. But here comes the bad bit: the Palm Desktop software has seemingly corrupted the archives. In it, a very few number of my previous data entries remain, and are almost always faulty in some way. I look to 'import' some archives, but all I can see in the Palm/<myuser>/ directories is a few very small archives that are apparently corrupt.

    So, umm, HELP! Is there some other place that the Palm software may have made another backup? There's a lot of irreplaceable information I need!

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    Have you only done the one hotsync? Your backup folder should still be good.
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    Yeah, one sync. But the backup folder only seems to backup apps, not their data. I can't see anything there that looks like it might have datebook or contact informations...
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    did you leave all the stuff on the old palm as you can the just hotsync that again and then the 600
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    I would, except the reason I upgraded was that my old device kept crashing & required a hard reset seconds after being turned on. The data on that was lost long ago..
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    Addition symptoms:
    Hotsync log generates this error for all core apps:

    "Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again." (Although neither of these errors could be true)

    and when starting the Palm Desktop software:

    "Error: failed to open archive for <core application>" for each core app, every time I start it.

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