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    Howdy all...

    Did a search and could not come up with anything. Does anyone know if the all-in-one sync/charge USB cable for the Tungsten series will work on the 650? I keep seeing posts stating that the accessories have changed - wondering if the Tungsten cable will work for this. Any input is appreciated!
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    I think there would be some changes since Treo series are products of the former Handspring and was just merged to palm forming the palmone. Even its Palm Desktop has a big difference with the original palm products.
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    I see a few on Ebay, but who knows if they work and won't be destructive to the treo or it's battery.
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    The Treo 650 and T5 are supposed to use the same multi-connector (Athena), so I imagine it should work...
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    The T5 sync cable packaging says For T5/treo 650. I saw it at staples.
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    This is a good news but I would advice anyone not to stick on what they say since they are just selling the device. Think of it as a marketing strategy to sell the product. I'll try to contact some reliable source and get back to this thread just to make sure.
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    I was looking for a retractable one. Anyone find one yet?
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    I would be happy if they would just come out with the cradle for charging. Looking for that little arrow on the plug is not easy at night.
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    Do a search on ebay. I believe the store name is pad and cellular accessories. They told me it would work with the 650, and that they're not official PalmOne branded cables, but that they're made from the same manufacturer that P1 uses for other cables. Email them and ask away. I have one that should be delivered today.
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    Keep us posted on your experience with the cable.
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