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    I just noticed that my treo 650 order confirmation email from Viennachannels says it is for a Sprint treo 600, not a 650! ((that was the purchase, not the 30 day demo). I swear I entered my order correctly and did not choose a Treo 600.

    I wrote Jeff pointing out the error and am waiting for a response.

    Here's part of that email:

    Confirmation of Order Number 775
    Order Date: November 11, 2004
    Item Quantity Product
    1 1 TREO 600 Sprint

    palmOne Demo Services Team
    Contact via email at
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    Mine says Treo 650 Sprint PCS as I triple-checked the order for mistakes like the one you mentioned. Hope you resolve it without losing your place in line. Bummer.
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    As they are not yet shipping and there appears to be a personal level of communication, I would think they could fix it.

    Good luck!

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