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    IF I change out, and I'm still not in any hurry to do so, I have some concerns about migration and compatibility.

    1. Software. When reloading another Treo 600, one must simply move the SD card and use Backup Man to reload. I wonder if you can or should do this when changing out to the 650. Will the minor differences in the OS make this simple solution impossible? What about syncing? Will there be a translation program from the 600 to the 650?

    2. Accessories. We know there will be a new connector for charging/syncing. Is the headphone connector the same? P1 is selling their second version side case as fitting both the 600 and 650. I am a fan of the Innopocket case. I know the cut-outs won't match. Will there be an updated version of this case?

    No doubt there are other factors. Perhaps this is analogous to migrating from the 300 to the 600. Any ideas, gang?
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    I have had several palm devices with differnt OS versions. When I changed to the new units I just followed the directions. Load the new disk and it will detect your old device and ask you if your adding a new device or upgrading. Just say upgrading and it will load your sync ID to the new device and install all your sync'ed data and programs. Some stuff is not backed up on sync and will need to be re-installed.

    If you have back-up software like back up buddy you can do as you suggested, insert the sd card in your 650 and restore.
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    But will BackupMan/Buddy restore stuff to the 650 that should have been filtered or quarantined?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalai Lama
    But will BackupMan/Buddy restore stuff to the 650 that should have been filtered or quarantined?
    Backupman does not run on the Treo 650.
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    Great....I hadn't read that thread. I wonder if the glitches Nuts&Bolts referred to are being fixed before the final deployment. Still, sounds like the answer to my original question is to do the proper HotSync install, and NOT use the if I could...
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    I think it is tedious to move all your data and apps, but the bright side of it is that you can make sure you have the newest version of them by checking before reinstalling! Also, if you synch to Outlook or something like that, you can just set it to pull all that back into the phone on the first synch.

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