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    Okay, I don't ask for help but this time I am stumped...

    I bought a Treo 90 off ebay which didn't come with the Installation CD (figured I'd just get it from PalmOne). Well not only is it not available from the manufacturer but apparently it doesn't exist anywhere else either. I've gone through all the search engines, sifted through at least 40+ websites selling parts & accessories, I've even tried the P2P networks using eMule and LimeWire. Does this elusive CD exist anywhere? Anyone know of a place where I can purchase or d/l it?


    ps- Sorry if this question has been posted before, but I've even checked as many forums as I could find as well...
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    Excuse me for asking, but what in the T90 Install CD do you specifically need? If you download the latest Palm Desktop and Hotsync software from PalmOne, they would work on your T90. Hope this helps.
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