I liked the idea of the skin protection from every day use. Even if your very careful your Treo will get scratched up on the bottom from just keeping it on your desk.
I purchased the Silicone Skin case offered on Treo Central but found that the covering of the keyboard made the case not useable. You really can't see the key letters through the silicone. So you better have memorized the keys to type. Since at my age I can't even remember what I had for breakfast, I needed to see the keys. I tried as someone suggest to cut out the keyboard area. But wound up botching up the case. Then I discovered that Boxwave sells a Siicone skin case that has the keyboard area exposed and still fits very nicely around the rest of your Treo. Just got it. Fits great and I can still type. Also has a place to attach a handstrap that is included.