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    Mine said...

    With the exception of those posting messages on the Treo Central web site, if you've already ordered your Treo 650 smartphone, your wait is almost over. Treo 650 smartphones are expected to begin shipping the week of November 22, 2004, and your order is among the first in line. However, if you are identified as one of the whiners on Treo Central, we will be holding back your deliveries until February 2006. The fact that you have clogged up both our telephone and e-mail lines for the past several weeks has placed an extreme emotional pain on many of our PalmOne associates. As a result, we will be finding out who you are, and holding your orders. For those of you who have been polite on other web forums such as PhoneScoop and PalmInfoCenter, your orders will be expedited.

    Plus with FREE express shipping, you can be sure to
    get it as quickly as possible.
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    When the dark clouds gather on the horizon, when thunder and lightning fills the sky, When fate is but a glint in the eye of a fallen Rattler, And hopes are lost friends, When the sinew of the chest grows weary from those hard-charging linebackers, And the muscles in the legs grow tired from those hard-charging running backs ... You must remember that the Rattlers will... Strike, Strike, and Strike again.

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