I have a 650 on order. I would like to have a bluetooth GPS for it and good software. I currently use a Garmin iq3600 (palm 5 with integrated gps) with Navtek maps.

I just received a flyer from Delorme for a 145 dollar GPS software solution. Has anyone used this? Other recommendations for the upcomming treo. Ideally it will work just like the garmin does.

I have used mapopolus a year or so back. While I like the maps, the way you download them was a pain and you could not put a large map area in the device because of population limits (loading an area with over a few million people or some similar limitation) in california few million goes by fast. Also the garmin has a backround map with all the nations freeways and large metro roads, so when you are out of coverage you still have an idea where you are.