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    I'm currently at the NYC Roadshow and am taking a video of the entire presentation for those of you who could not make it. However, I do not have the available bandwidth/means of hosting the video. If someone would like to host it, please PM me and I will transfer the video to you over AIM. I'm recording it at 160x120 resolution, so it shouldn't be too big. Perhaps someone can even host a streaming solution...
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    I can help, email me at
    <a href="">
    One Stop, plain and simple
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    Will do after the show.. Anyone else, let me know. The demand for this may be high, so a few mirrors is probably a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseRPI
    Will do after the show.. Anyone else, let me know. The demand for this may be high, so a few mirrors is probably a good idea.
    I will gladly mirror it - I have a ton of bandwith do to the site ( ) I run.

    Let me know and I can prob handle the whole load.
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    Just PM me
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    Alright... I'm home from the NYC show. Whomever wants to mirror the video, please PM me and I'll give you my AIM name so that I can transfer it to you.
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    Btw, the movie is 1 hour, 45 minutes long, is in MPG format, and is 139 MB.
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    Any chance of a torrent?
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    Seems like the demand is pretty low right now... maybe people are just not interested in a presentation. I thought it was very informative, personally.
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    What time did you go to the show? I went to the 11:00-1pm one.
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    I was at the 9 - 11 AM one.
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    PM me if you want to see the video, I will give you a link to a private ftp address.
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    As previously suggested, just torrent it. post the .torrent file here, and that should be enough.
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    I'm ready to go whenever to host. Anyone want to to host the POwerPoint files as well on the CD?
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    Now Posted:

    (The video is finishing the upload)
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    That's me at around 34:30 asking about 32mb
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    i cant wait till this phone comes out

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    WOW! Cool, thanks for posting this!!
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    Enjoy it - Hope you have some time to click about the site as well.
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    Thanks both of your for making this happen.

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