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    I do not know if anyone else has had this probem before.
    I basically use Outlook and sync it with treo using pocket mirror. Of late I have noticed that the data is not synced properly.

    Sometimes recurring appointments for birthdays get shown up on wrong dates.
    Other times, they move one day early.

    It is coming to a point where I do not know, if my treo / outlook is right or not.

    Anyone else notice this happen?

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    Check if your timezone & DST settings are the same on your treo and in your Windows setup. Then, in Outlook go to Tools > Options > Calendar options > Time zone and see if it is properly set too. I've had problems with Outlook on this before (not Treo related, though).
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    Thanks for the response.

    I have done that. Checked both treo and outlook settings. But I still see birthdays on dates of persons whose birthdays I know fall on other dates.

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.

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