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    I recently purchased the Bluetrek headset and Dongle for my Treo 600. I found one advantage that we may have over 650 users. When using the Dongle in profile 1. If you use the old Nokia connector you can use the BlueTrek headset to wirelessly listen to Pocket Tunes. The great thing is that you don't even have to switch profiles, just switch cords. I have not tried taking calls with the Nokia headset cord yet but, if you can do this you would not even hve to switch cords. Anyways this is great for listening to music at the gym becasue you could have you can have your Dongle and Treo on your belt and not have to worry about headset wires. Alternatively you don't even have to have your Treo on you if you can find a safe place to store it nearby. I am listening to tunes right now through my headset while my Treo is on my kitchen table. I don't think 650 can do this as they will not have the old nokia connector. Awesome.
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    The 650 also has a 2.5 mm jack. I do not see any reason for it not to.
    I have detailed files.
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    Why would you buy a Dongle for a device that already has bluetooth? Other than for this purpose? It won't work withou the Dongle. Thats my point. One thing i do notice with the Dongle is that it works well reception wise receiving audio, but even when using the proper dongle connection cord, the G2 seems to have a poor microphone as people I talk to say that my voice sounds muffled.
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    morrisonmuscle: did your bluetooth come with that nokia adapter? because i just got a jabra and wouldn't mind finding a converter so i can listen to music wirelessly. do you know where i can get one?

    thanks sanny
    los angeles, ca
    tmo with unbranded unlocked treo 650
    coolest thing: bluetooth syncing and internet browsing!

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