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    Not sure if this has been pass around. Copy and paste in "Open location" in realplayer rtsp://
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    I had not seen that video, thanks.
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    For those that don't use realplayer, what IS this video of?
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    Little vignettes showing people using their 650s for various tasks - receiving a document via email and emailing it back with edits, photographing a nice car and emailing the photo right away, receiving a call w/ a bluetooth headset and checking the calendar on the 650 while talking, etc. I'm not sure what the purpose of this footage is, but certainly not for tv commercials. Training on the features, I suppose. But it was nice to see the 650 screen in 'live action'.
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    This is definitely stock press footage. If you work for a media outlet you can gain access to their media site where I'm sure they have a wealth of Treo 650 press stuff. Interesting to note that the car used in the outdoor vignettes was an Audi A6... guess they're pushing this integration thing pretty hard.
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    Thanks...nice clips, not exciting, but interesting!
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    Cool video. Appreciate the link.
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    Nice link... pretty cheesy video, but it shows some good Treo functions.

    I can't wait for that Hi-Res screen!!!!
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