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    I just ordered my Treo 650 through my own business and I'm getting a sales commission from buying it through a merchant partner. It will be shipped out on 11/22 overnight. I am getting it for $399. Orig. price is $599 but I'm getting an intstant $150 discount and a "customer loyalty" discount of an additional $50 a few months down the road. Not bad in my opinion. I am ordering 2 of them, one for me and one for my fiance. We are getting on the fair and flexible family plan w/ vision. I am so hyped up about this. I can't wait to get my new phones. I just picked up my first t600 about a week ago and already I am going to return it for my 650's. Once my lady saw what it could do she had to have one too. I don't blame her. How people function without these I will never know. I will give a review if I get mine before others or at least contribute if you all would like me to. By the way, if anyone would like to know how they can do what I just did for myself let me know.
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    I think we *all* want to know how you did this.

    If for no other reason, than just so we can verify this ship date!
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    Well, I as I said I own my own business ( an affiliate marketing firm) and basically what I do is drive traffic to a portal site that is linked up to many other "merchant partner" sites and by purchasing through this portal I earn a sales commission. The merchant partner I ordered from confirmed the ship date. If you want to know more email me at and I will let you know. Please don't spam me at this address, I receive enough of that already. By the way, I am only offering up this information because this treocentral forums have helped me in many ways decide which phone to get, what to get with it, and why. Thanks.

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