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    has anyone successfully configured their Gmail account to work with the default email app?

    i have this problem whereby i can't send email using the smtp server.

    Gmail states that it needs TLS and that i need to use port 465 or 587. however, my treo mail only has the SSL required for SMTP option and no port configuration option.
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    I just tried; I can receive my Gmail, but not send it. I enabled POP mail in Gmail and entered all the settings in the default T600 mail app, but I can't quite figure out why it won't send.
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    What are your settings for the SMTP server? Some servers won't allow you to send through them unless you have a direct connection through their service. Others, like Earthlink, will allow but you must authenticate on the SMTP server.
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    In think that this info has been previously posted but here it is again:

    POP server:
    Port: 995.
    Require SSL: Yes.
    User name: your Gmail email address.
    Make sure your user name includes both your Gmail account name and "". If your Gmail account name is "qwertz.qwertz", for example, type "" as the user name.
    Password: your Gmail password.
    SMTP server:
    Port: 465.
    Require SSL/STARTTLS: Yes.
    Require SMTP authentication: Yes.
    User name: your Gmail email address.
    Password: your Gmail password.
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    How about settings for snapper mail?
    Laissez Faire
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    I posted about this in another thread which should have been posted here, silly me. In any case, I believe PalmOne Mail v1.02a is the culprit here. Unfortunately, like Brianz mentioned earlier, you cannot set a different port or security method (i.e., TLS). Will have to find another email client to try this with and report this issue to PalmOne.
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    Also, I posted this in the other thread. You can use Sprints BC to access and send gmail.
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    i see, thanks for the advise. can anyone suggest a better email client that would work? i can't use the sprint one coz i'm in australia
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin
    How about settings for snapper mail?
    We put up the settings for GMail yesterday:

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    These settings don't work for Snappermail v.
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    Just checked... It works fine with 1.9.5 Premier Edition. Only Premier Edition of version 1.9.5 supports GMail's SSL.
    Will Lau

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    Thanks Will for the info, but unfortunately I have the standard version, and when I look at the price, the upgrade doesn't seem worth it. I already paid once -- nice product, but it's starting to get too rich. Plus, I have the Treo 650 on order, with VersaMail bundled. I think I'm going to wait and see.
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    No worries... The price is $24.98 to go to v2 Premier with Card Archiving and SplashPhoto4. We're running a special till the end of the month on upgrades that will get you 25% off that price if you use coupon code GIMME2EXTEND. You may find you'll need the card archiving of SnapperMail since the Treo 650 has quite limited RAM.
    Will Lau

    A Killer Email Client for Palm OS Smartphones, now available...
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    I have been using Sproqit for a few weeks now ( free trial and relaly like it. Excellent secuity, real time and you can access docs on your work or home computer.
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    check it out- i might have answered your question a couple of threads down in this post:
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    thanks for the tip. unfortunately, i use our own GSM netwrok here in Australia and not Sprint. Doesn't matter, got it to work with snapper mail. Brilliant!
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    Quote Originally Posted by snapperfish
    We put up the settings for GMail yesterday:

    thanks, works on Snappermail Enterprise Version

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