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    Will u be able 2 listen 2 MP3 files with the wireless BT head set?
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    In low bandwidth mono.
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    HP has just come out with a bluetooth headset for listening to music in stereo, so you should start seeing headsets that are bluetooth enabled for music, but I dont remember if it was bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2 version or heck even 2.0,
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    Doesn't the manual say you cannot use a BT headset to listen to music?
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    Manual says no MP3 vis BT headset.
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    It may not support it out of the box but if there is a stereo headset out there that has Palm BT drivers, I'd think it could work. BTW, check out this BT headset for iPaq...
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    Logitech also came out with BT headphones for iPaq...,crid=34

    Perhaps we could pressue Logitech to develop Palm drivers.
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    How about the BlueTake i-PHONO BT420 EX?

    That thing looks really sweet... It even has a built in mic so it doubles as a Bluetooth headset. You think it'll work with the 650?
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    Unfortunately you have two things going against the Bluetake:
    1) non-compatible with Palm
    2) $200-$250 cost
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    I'm not sure about the non-compatiblity issue. When I looked at this thing it seems to have it's own BlueTooth transmitter (2>BT430 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Dongle x1). If that is what I think it is it would work with any output device, wouldn't it?
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    well, i was hoping we wouldn't have to use the dongle... the dongle is gay... i read that as long as the device supports some kind of bluetooth profile it should work... but i dunno what that is.

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