I just picked up a treo 600 this weekend. Love it so far.

One problem I'm having though - if I attempt to use the "Add Contact" feature when going through my call log, I get a reset.

Oddly, when I go into contacts after this happens, I'll see a new unnamed contact. Sometimes this contact has the phone number I had highlighted when selecting "add contact" from the call log, and sometimes it has no phone number at all.

I saw a thread in the forums where someone was getting a reset everytime they tried to edit a contact and in that instance the problem was, I believe, something to do with one of the skins. I previously had one of the aqua dialpad skins installed but have since removed it, and my problem persists.

I don't believe I have anything else installed that would be causing a conflict. I did have takephone installed but have removed that and the problem persists.

Any ideas?

Thanks much in advance.