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    I just purchased (online) a 1gb Sandisk card. However, on my existing 256mb card I have a dvd, mp3s and programs that I run using Power Run. The last time I got a new card, I wasn't sure how to make the switch.
    Could anyone help me with the order for the steps:
    1. Get programs onto new card.
    2. Get MP3s onto new card.
    3. Format card.

    I think I did something wrong the last time because everytime I put the card into my reader it said the file was corrupt and unreadable (from Explorer and in Windows Media).
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    I'm surprised no one has answered you yet. Since I'm bored at work..... Here's what I did:
    1. Using a card reader, copy everything from old card onto PC desktop.
    2. Insert new card into Treo and name the new card the same as the old one.
    3. Using a card reader, copy everything from the PC desktop onto the new card keeping the same directory structure.

    Shouldn't take longer than half an hour. I didn't have to format the new card at all. But if formatting is required, use the Treo to format the new card.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. The only thing that I am not sure about is this:
    Last time I tried this, I just did a cut and paste with the old card-folders and all-and then attempted to paste the folders onto the new card. Should I be taking each item one at a time for the transfer?
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    You should be good to do it all at once. ChemEngr's steps should work fine. One advantage to this method is that your existing card is never wiped out so if a problem occurs just pop it back in and you're good to go.

    I didn't even use a separate reader; I used Card Export to make the Treo my reader.
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