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    I just can't understand how sprint can have such an unreliable website... I can login, but can't do any manage functions, like pay my bill...

    anyone else experience these issues?

    I know this isn't treo650 related.....
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    I've been able to log in without any problem. I have not tried to pay my bill online, however.

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    i've had problems too
    I can't stand their website at times
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    Verizon is the same way. Sometimes I can update my info, sometimes not. Sometimes I can pay my bill online, sometimes not. Amazing that somehow, a) they allow this and b) we accept this.
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    I have the same experience. Most times I'm able to go through their website just fine. Sometimes, when you really need it, I always get the dreaded 'unable to display page' error. grrrrrr...............
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    AT&T (not wireless) appears to be as broken as the rest at times - pretty amazing "downtime".

    Scary because I use auto-bill-pay and have totally lost faith in AT&T's ability to get it right.
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    This is exactly why I still pay by Sprint by check, heh.
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    Yeah, I expect my fears will shortly subside. The luxury of NOT writing a gajillion checks every month is wunnerful (only homeowner's, newspaper, and credit card cannot be paid by automatic bank draft (the latter because they WANT you to miss a payment!)).
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    I use the Sprint site 2-3 times daily. the only time I've had issues are on the day they post the invoices. I have never had an overage charge because I check it so often. I also use minutes PLUS. BTW I share 500 minutes between 3 phones and still keep under allowed minutes. Their site is an invaluable tool for me. And no I don't work for Sprint. Just my experience.
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    The sad thing is that the sprint site used to be much worse. I can remember trying to check email before they had pop/smtp servers. The thing would time out all the time.

    It has gotten much better, but still remarkably troubled for tier 1 telecom provider their size.

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    I don't remember having a huge problem with the Sprint site.
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    I've had difficulty on and off with the Sprint site as well. However, it's not likely an access issue, rather an application one. There are several annoyances with how the background applications function for me personally (having to re-log in frequently, etc).

    I think it would help for SPCS to develop a users group to funnel information like this to their developers. We have a CRM system at our company based on XML, and we rely HEAVILY on the feedback from users to tweak the "inner workings" if you will. Many times you can't really simulate a normal load on an application until it goes into production.

    Certainly, IMO, SPCS has some work to do in that regard...
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    I've had problems remembering my 3 or 4 username/passwords with them. You have one for Vision, one for online, one for sprintpcs mail and maybe one other. It's a pain. I've set up for auto w/d and it's worked fine.
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    All of mine are the same....
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