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    Simply read the 350 page users manual at:

    Happy Reading, FastFrank
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but after reading page 83 it seems as though voice tags/voice dial WILL work via a bluetooth headset. If this is true that is sweet!
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    I asked a question at the Chicago Road Show about voice recognition and the P1 rep indicated that there was a package included in the 650 box. Not sure of the details, but I think he said speaker independent.

    They likely have the BT handsfree Profilt and the Headset Profile in the 650. If you have VR, then you are all set.

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    How about the page 11 reference to the book "Now you know Treo"? I checked on Amazon, and it looks like it will be in print at the end of Dec. Anybody know about this?

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    The Users Manual is also available in VersaMail format
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    You can finally add alarms to tasks, or to do items. You can even make the task repeating!

    See page 99.

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    As I move through the manual, here's the song formats for the mp3 player:

    "The RealPlayer software that comes with your device is compatible with the popular MP3 audio file format as well as the RealAudio RA, RM, and RMJ file formats."

    I guess pockettunes goes on the 650!

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    Warning: Another user manual update!

    Now on page 216, regarding dowloading files from the internet.

    "The Web browser lets you download files (up to 2MB) that are usable on your Treo, such as ringtones, new applications, or pictures..."

    Didn't know about the 2MB limit.

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    Page 223, you can set this Blazer preference for viewing web pages:

    "Tap and Drag determines if dragging the stylus selects text or scrolls through the content of the page. "


    Also a "disable javascript" option.

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    Page 226 on picture and video resolution:

    "The camera takes 16-bit color pictures that are at a maximum VGA resolution of 640x480 pixels (0.3 megapixels), or 320x240 pixels in QVGA resolution. Videos are 320x240 in QVGA resolution or 176x144 in QCIF resolution. "

    So you can take regular or smaller, sharper pictures, or just smaller or smallest videos.

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    Another manual update, with apologies to those who know this stuff already.

    Page 235:

    "The pictures and videos you take with the built-in camera are automatically backed up onto your computer. You can view your pictures in JPEG format and your videos in MPEG4 format, and you can email them to friends with your desktop email application."

    It then tells you where to locate them on your hard drive. It also appears you can email the videos directly (instead of sharing them from the video application) and avoid the Sprint videomail surcharge, as you're not using Sprint's web servers to share them and store them.

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    Page 244: Soft reset of the treo

    "1. Press the Battery Door Release button and slide the battery door downward to remove it from your Treo. 2. Use the tip of the stylus to gently press the reset button on the back of your Treo."

    Reset button behind the battery door. Makes sense.

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    Page 249: Screen during phone call

    "When a call lasts longer than one minute, the screen turns off. Press any key, except Power/End , to wake up the screen."

    That's new, isn't it?

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    Went back to page 21. Something I didn't know about battery management.

    "The Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery has a much longer useful life when it is topped off frequently, rather than charging it after it is fully drained. "

    I'm still in the old ni-cad "discharge it fully and then fully recharge" mindset.

    That's all I have. If anyone else sees anything of interest in the manual, I'd love to see it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cluemeister
    Page 249: Screen during phone call

    "When a call lasts longer than one minute, the screen turns off. Press any key, except Power/End , to wake up the screen."

    That's new, isn't it?

    I like this improvement... no more "glowing half-face" during calls at night.
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    Yeah those Li-Ion batteries have a finite number of fully deplete and charge back up cycles
    the more you top off the better because you won't use a full cycle
    When the dark clouds gather on the horizon, when thunder and lightning fills the sky, When fate is but a glint in the eye of a fallen Rattler, And hopes are lost friends, When the sinew of the chest grows weary from those hard-charging linebackers, And the muscles in the legs grow tired from those hard-charging running backs ... You must remember that the Rattlers will... Strike, Strike, and Strike again.
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    All very useful stuff. From a spec point of view, I was disappointed in the Treo 650, but I think with all the new software and little improvements, it'll be a bigger improvement than it appears "on paper".
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    This is so cool, I'm giggling. I now have (from Dan's store), a new battery, car charger and headset adapter sitting on my desk. Now if only I'd get the damn Treo to plug them all into.
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