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    Hey gurus. I can't figure out how to do the following:

    In Outlook, I have 1 pop account setup. This account received mail from both personal and business contacts. Right now, I've got a filter setup to sort the incoming mail into one of two subfolders under Inbox depending on personal or business rules I specified. I'm pretty sure this is a fairly routine way people go about this.

    My question is this: I've found no app that will sync Outlook's Inbox folders. Agendus is the closest I've come, but that only syncs items in the Inbox, not the folders or items in them. Since I never have an email stay in the Inbox directly, I am never able sync email to the Treo. Other than that, Agendus seems to give the closest outlook type interface on the palm, that includes syncing of calender and contacts with Outlook.

    Any thoughts? Is there no "Pocket Outlook" equivalent for the Treo?
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    Ok I got a little further... it seems Intellisync (the full version) allows the syncing of subfolders. However, it wants to sync with the Palm's database called "Email". What app references this built in database? It doesn't appear to work with AgendusMail or Snapper...

    Come on... I know I'm not the only person who needs this!
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    What Treo do you have? I have a pop email account and can't even figure out how to sync the inbox, let alone the subfolders.

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