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    Last week when I synced my Treo 90 to Outlook the times of a number of weekly meetings were advanced one hour. Both devices seem to be set on the same time zone and set the same regarding daylight savings time. On my laptop the times of the weekly meetings are still correct. The oddest thing is that only the appointments that repeat from week to week throughout the fall have been moved. The times of one-time events were not changed. Does anyone know how that happened and how I can fix it?
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    There's a setting in Outlook that specifies what time zone to use for new appointments. The time zone is also embedded into each Outlook appointment, so if you change the setting in your preferences, there's a good chance that appointments that had been created with the previous setting will get shifted. Outlook does this in order to reflect the actual time when an appointment is taking place, but it's annoying in some cases, specially when DST is involved.

    Look for this setting in your Outlook prefs and try to match it to your Windows time zone first of all. Changing it will probably shift all your old appointments or all the new ones, but I haven't found a better solution yet.

    Hope this helps.

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