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    I plan to sell my Treo600 soon so that I can get the 650. The question is, how do I de-program/de-register the phone before I sell it to somenoe else? (or do I even need to do this) Do I have to call Sprint and tell them to do something before I sell it?
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    I was wondering the same thing.

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    Not really. When you switch phones by calling in to your provider, the old ESN is then available. This would be different than if somebody stole your phone and you called your provider and had it deactivated.
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    My thoughts - for a GSM model remove your SIMM card from the top of the phone and perform a hard reset to wipe clean the memory (hit the reset button while holding down the power button).
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    Call Sprint to do an ESN swap. That will transfer your number over to the new phone. Then do a hard reset (after you have copied over the data to your new phone). That will put the old phone back to its original state. Sprint will now show the ESN of the old phone as available for activation.

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