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    How do you guys/gals have your Agendus views set up? What is your favorite or default one that you use?

    I'm coming from PocketPC's Agenda Fusion, and I can't seem to find a view that is anything like what I had on Agenda Fusion. I don't even know if it is possible with Agendus.
    • Rolling 7-14 day calendar. So that you always see 7-14 days forward. Agendus seems to work on calendar week style, so that when you reach Sunday you don't see the upcoming week unless you scroll a week forward.
    • Keep past due tasks on the current day. In Agendus, past dues are kept on their past dates, so that if you view "current week" you will not see past dues. Or if they are in view, you have to scroll backwards from the current date.
    • View time range for appointments, i.e. if it is from 1:00-1:30. Right now in most views it just shows the start time.
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    For what it's worth, I know that the "rolling 7-14 day calendar" is possible in the "List" view. That's the view I usually use in conjunction with "2day" (a seperate program).
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    I use the 7 Day List view as it gives me my week at a glance. Although I have found the 1 Day Today view pretty handy at times.
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