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    Ok - I contacted support for the $#)(*@)(*!!! roaming issue with 50203, thinking I would get the same garbage. Suprisingly, Verizon tech support was on the ball and informed me that there was a new PRL available - 50210. I just downloaded it, so nothing new yet - but here's to hoping it's fixed!
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    Does it fix the missing 1x icon from the previous PRL?
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    I just downloaded the new PRL, confirmed via the phone info option that I now have 50210 -- and no luck, the 1x icon is still missing.

    What's worse is that my online account info from Verizon shows I have an unexpected huge outstanding balance. The statement isn't available yet for viewing tonight, but I'd bet I've been charged big bucks for roaming. If after wasting all that time with Verizon reps and I still have roaming charges after being promised I wouldn't, I'm going to go ballistic...
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    So does anyone know why the 1X was removed ? I am assuming that since the 1X is removed that if I am roaming I would no longer know if I am roaming or not, or is the roaming indicator still show up?
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    I just updated PRL and am showing PRL 50212. I still do not show the 1x. In fact I spent about 2 hours with Verizon's data tech support last week and they did not know why it no longer showed up. They tried everything on their end. They even fedex'd me a different device to see if it showed, but no luck. They insisted that the ONLY connection available with the Treo 600 is 1x and that even though I am not showing 1x I am getting the 1x connection.

    I also had HUGE data charges on my last bill despite the fact that I have unlimited data transfer. They credited my account and assured me that the problem was fixed. Have to see when I get my next bill.
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    Mods - please move this to the appropriate forum and delete this post.
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    Ok, how do you get the latest PRL? I've dialed *228, opt2, I get the successful msg... but still my PRL verison is 42092. Does it matter where in the country you are? I'm in the Bay Area, CA.
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    Hey I just updated the 1x is back, I hope this fixed the roaming issue
    later Rod
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    I just did the *228 and still do not have the new PRL byt the lx is back. Weird.
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    I just updated my PRL this morning and my 1x is also back.

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    I always use option 1.
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    My prl rev is 20250 Any ideas
    thanks Rod
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    I have been very lazy lately and I haven't done a *228 in almost 3 months. . . how often do y'all recommend it?
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    Hi all - i updated my PRL about a week ago and my PRL was then 50210 - still no 1x. But...then i updated the PRL this morning and now my PRL is 50209 AND the 1x is BACK. No idea what this all means, but wanted to let everyone know.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    that is what mine did, 09 now and lx back.
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    Same here. Updated to 210 and 1X gone. Updated again two days later and got 209 and 1X back. They must have realized there was a problem with 50210.
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    I don't get it. I cant get anything higher than 42092. I assume you are all on Verizon... anyone else in the Bay Area have something other than 42092?
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    I am on VZN, yes - sorry I can't give you any advise on the solution to your problem.
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    You might not be able to get the 50209 update because of your voice plan. Are you on America's Choice or a local plan? I've spoken to Verizon reps who said there are different PRLs for different plans. 50209 is for America's Choice.

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