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    Just a few quick questions that I'm sure can be easily answered by many on this forum. I know that the easy answer is to just "try it" but I'm at work right now and I really can't have the phone ringing all over the place and I'm curious to know the answers. Anyway...

    1. With the built-in Favorites on the 600 I can assign a ringtone to a specific caller. It looks like this MIDI has to be internal and not on the SD card, correct? I know I can do file:///... in Blazer and get it into internal memory but I'd rather not take up the space.

    2. If I set a favorite to "Joe Smith (M)", I see that I can hit spacebar on the favorite and it will show me all of Joe's other numbers. If Joe calls, will the special ringtone and picture only be for Joe's mobile number or all of Joe's numbers?

    3. With the picture ID, is there a way to use pictures on the SD card? I know I can get JPGs into internal memory with Treo Pictures but again I'd rather not take up the space if I don't have to.

    I realize I can do all of this with a 3rd party application and I'm currently trying a few out, but if the built-in serves my purpose I might not buy a 3rd party app.

    Thanks much in advance, love the forum.
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    1. Correct - MIDI has to be internal
    2. Ringtone will only sound for Joe Smith (M)
    3. Picture ID has to be in RAM.

    As you mentioned, some 3rd party apps can improve on other functions.
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