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    I've been thinking about how to handle the transition from 600 to 650 when it finally arrives. I remember when I moved from the 300 to the 600 I just basically hotsynced one to the other using the installation instructions and I ended up with a lot of junk I didn't use anymore, plus the installation pulled off some programs that may or may have been compatible with the newer Palm OS. This time I'm going to start fresh I think, and manually remove everything I can before starting. I want to keep the same user ID obviously, but want to be selective with what software I install. I'm assuming many of the programs we all use today will need to be upgraded or reinstalled with the hi-res versions anyway. Has anyone else given this any thought? I'm sure someone has documented the steps for the 'fresh start' I'm talking about, if so post a link. Thanks
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    Great question. Wouldn't it be nice if they included a little utility to clear out all the files you needed with the 600, but won't need with the 650.
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    Its actually pretty simple. When your ready to make the swap, hotsync the 600 first. Now, rename the backup folder for your username to something like "backup_old". Next sync the 650 and select the correct username. This will only install the default apps and data for contacts, datebook, memos and todo's. This will also create a new backup folder. When your ready, go back into the backup_old folder and install your previous 600 apps as desired.


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