Everyone - need some tech help please. Starting this morning about 6am Central time I am having this error message come up on my PC everytime it tries to Sync with the VZN server. First I need to tell you nothing in the Connection info, Software updates, Files & Websites updates, or Microsoft Office folders - Other then Inbox, are having issues - they all seem fine. Here is the error message I am receiving under MS:Inbox:

Microsoft Office: Inbox
Error MAPI_E_EXTENDED_ERROR (80040119) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Folder.cpp 1257
I'm sorry, but I was unable to get any useful linformation to help you find this invalid Email.
(MS Outlook reported: COM Error #80040119, Unknown error 0x80040119)
Error MAPI_E_EXTENDED_ERROR (80040119) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Folder.cpp 366

This error seems to be keeping everything from working right. I have tried reinstalling the software, updated Outlook 2003, etc. and nothing has worked. Does anyone have a clue what is happening and how to fix it? I can not seem to find an answer anywhere. Thank you all for your help!