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    Quote Originally Posted by baguion
    It was worse last year! Do you guys remember downloading the paper graphic of the 600 that you can cut and fold to make a mock t600 that was actual size and I think someone posted a pic of it with a cap of a highlighter taped on top to look like the antenna?? Oh was worse!!!

    yes i do.
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    For GSM users, it was bad as we were the last one to get our toys. We could only watch from the sidelines.

    Looks like it's the same this year though.
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    i confess... i too had a mockup
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    Two years ago I purchased a Sprint T300 for $500 and waited 10 day to receive shipment.

    One year ago I upgraded to a Sprint T600 for $400 and waited 20 days to receive shipment.

    Doing Treo-math, I'd be happy to pay $300 and wait 30 days for a T650 (I like my T600), but it seems from the many entries I've read that only the latter value is closer to truth.

    Beside the guy who gets his T650 for free what is the next best upgrade deal for the Sprint T650?
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