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    In my country (Turkey) 2 GSM operators are providing push to talk function on the network.
    I have a Treo 600 of my wife and want to try PTT.
    I'm looking for a software which will do PTT for Treo 600.
    Is there a possible software for this purpose ?

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    I talked to a rep at the roadshow in Chicago and he said that the third button on the 650 will be able to do PTT but they won't have software for it, he did say that some EU providers have this software for the 600 already, though he wasn't able to give me names of the software. My provider doesn't have PTT yet, so I don't care much =)
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    that's fine but without software, a button does not have any importance...
    in that case a Treo 650 is not much different than a Treo 600 when it comes to PTT !

    With software, Treo 600 can do PTT and any button can be assigned to this function...
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    no software for this purpose ?
    (just bumping)
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    It's a carrier-dependant offering from Kodiak Networks:

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