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    Anyone with a Treo 600 ride a motorcycle or scooter and have ot hooked up to a helmet communications system?? I have an Aprilia Atlantic 500 and am thinking about doing this and then using Voice Dialer to check messages, get Tellme weather or directions and answer the occassional phone call. Curious as to what hardware you are using and how well it works.
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    That's my advice. I've been riding for more than 20 years, and know from experience that you need to give all your attention to your riding and your surroundings when on a bike. If you want to stay alive, that is.

    One simple example: you're in your car, a bit distracted by your Treo, and don't notice someone pulling out from a side street as soon as you should have. You slam on the brakes, screech to a halt, and think how lucky it was you stopped in time.

    Now do the same thing on a bike: No ABS, so when you slam on the brakes the rear tire locks up, slides sideways, and dumps you in the street. You hope the cars behind you stop in time.

    And since car drivers tend not to see bikes and scooters, this scenario is much more likely to happen to you while you're riding than when you're in a car.
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    I just pull it out at stops to see if I missed anything. if I need to do something (type or call), it's easier and safer when stopped! I have occasionally used an mp3 player, or shoutcast with headphones while riding, but its not very safe!

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    I'm with them guys. I've felt it ring in my pockets a few times, but no way am I trying to operate it while riding. I also don't think an earpiece would be all that comfortable inside my full-face, but I might be wrong about that.

    And besides, the reason I ride is to enjoy the outdoors and get away from other distractions!

    Bob--what is that? Concours? I'm riding a Suzuki Volusia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbryon
    Bob--what is that? Concours? I'm riding a Suzuki Volusia.
    I do know of one guy, a 3-star in the military. He has to be available any time, so he has his phone hooked up through his sound system. I'm not sure how he did it though. I don't suggest doing this either since it's a distraction, but then again, the luxury bikes (Goldwings, 1200 LTs, etc.) have CB's built into them.

    I would suggest you go to an e-mail list called "LDRiders." These are the Iron **** guys, who ride, at a minimum, 1,000 miles in a day. Those who compete seriously do the 11 day, round the country thing. Several of them have their phones hooked into their sound system. While they may not know about the Treo 600 specifically, they should be able to give you leads into how they do things.

    Bob's bike isn't a Concours. If I remember right, it's an ST1100. Mine is a Connie.
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    Yup, it's a Honda ST1100 ABS. Given the tiny size of the Avatars, however, it's pretty hard to tell the difference.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.

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