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    Ok, so i've got a friend who recently started work at the 'shack'.
    he wants a treo 600/650, and doesn't care if he has to pay full price for it, however, he does not have a sprint account, so he'd get that new customer discount and all that jazz... he also says that he gets a discount from radioshack on service, but they told him he couldn't get a treo... now everything i'm telling him about how the cell phone plan should work is in conflict with what he is telling me...
    so- can someone explain how the plan works either in here or by pming me? he's probably going to just buy the phone elsewhere and put it on the plan, but they are telling him he can't do that, blah blah...
    Treo 800w 8/08
    Nokia N800
    previously: Treo 700wx 12/06, Sprint 6700 3/06; Treo 650 11/04; Treo 600 1/04 (gone); Samsung i500 (gone); Hitachi G1000 11/03 (gone); Nokia 7110 5/00(best phone ever)
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    Buy the treo 650 from tc for the $450 with a free headset on a two year agreement. After two full months of service you can switch to a 3rd party employee plan with no penaltys.

    1000 a/t
    unlimited pcs-pcs
    free long distance
    free vision w/ $10 credit towards downloads a month
    free video mail

    i am going to add on free and clear america for $5, unlimited sms for $5 and total equipment replacement for $5.

    Can't really beat that, $35 for everything i could need

    When you switch to an employee plan they drop your contract too!!!
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    Can you use the Free and Clear America on a Treo phone?
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    yes it supports digital roaming, ie verizon towers

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