After a reset/turning on wireless mode, when the Treo attempts to make a data connection it freezes. I get the usual message box, "Connecting", with the hand shaking icons. However it is unable to make a connection and ends up either taking a long time to reach the menus or ends up with a "Cancelling" message. I end up having to reset the Treo again because it stays locked at the "Cancelling" message indefinitely.

This seems to happen only if I try to make a data connection almost immediately after a reset/turning on wireless. If I let the wireless connection stay on for about 30 seconds first, before initiating a data connection, it will work fine.

The reason my Treo makes a data connection nearly immediately after a reset or turning on wireless mode is because Verichat attempts to (set on Always On mode with data/not-SMS). My carrier charges for incoming e-mail SMS unfortunately.