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    I took put my SD card back into my treo while at the same exact time someone tried to call, the treo froze, so I reset it. After numerous attempts to reset the treo, it is stuck on the PALM POWERED screen and will not do anything else.

    Anyone have any suggestions

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    Try a warm reset. Hold D pad up while resetting
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    OK, I fixed it. The warm reset did nothing so I went to the hard. I am so thankful that I have a back up program and disk. Amazing how EVERYTHING was put right back on my device. I did not know it was that thorough.

    Thanks for the help

    by the way, the crash was : HALRadioOmap.Cline:300, host wake not asserted in time

    While running phone.

    I have no idea what that means
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    What program do you use for backup? I use backupman and it works great. It's actually to the point where I'll hard reset just to see if it fixes something. :-)
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    Backup man for me too.

    Great program
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    I just got a replacement Treo600 for the broken speaker problem. I did a hard reset on the old phone (before I send it back) and it's now frozen on Palm logo. Won't turn off, won't reset, won't do a damn thing. Should I care? Or just send it back.

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