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    I have had major problems with my 600 latley. I called Sprint and they informed me that the problems that I was having were "known issues" and that I should visit a Sprint Store to have them replace it.

    This all sounds great and all.. but I would assume that when I get to the stoer tommarrow the clerk there might give me a hassle. I told Sprint this, they said they placed a note on my account and I shoudl be fine.

    Im wondering if anyone out there has had to replace their 600... and if they had any problems, perhaps a few tips for me as well.

    Thanks for the help in advance... sorry if this is a repost but im new and couldnt see anything similar to my post.

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    Approximately 20-30% of the posts on this thread pertain to defective T600's and replacing them. If you have only had one, you have been pretty lucky.

    Just go to the Sprint store, they will most likely replace it (with a reconditioned phone unfortunately) with little or no questions asked. This particular phone has been a huge headache for Sprint. Dont let them give you any trouble, even if your phone has minor wear and tear. Good luck.

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