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    I couldn't tell you if there's any problem with the crystal version but I can tell you there's no blur with the anti glare version of the boxwave protector and I would gladly buy this brand/quality for any of my devices. highly recommended.
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    I think boxwave is the best. I also think we can all agree that the one that comes with the 650's sucks.
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    i got a boxwave crystal a couple of days ago. it came with a couple of 'free' scratches on it - but unless i'm specifically looking for them, with the screen off, i can't see 'em, so i've decided not to fuss about it.

    i like it, but it kind of bugs me the amount of stylus pressure now needed to do things. i'd say it takes at least twice the stylus pressure to activate items. not a problem in the long haul, as i'm digging at a replaceable screen covering, but it still is kind of disconcerting to have to really tap hard on it, rather than the gentle taps the raw screen required.

    the crystal is very stiff - i was surprise when i applied, it, when compared to the horrible screen protector that was included with the 650. that one was on my screen for less than 60 seconds before i pulled it off - looked like crap.
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