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    I'm in the market for my first SD card for my Treo 600, and see a couple of 512 MB ones available from

    1. Sandisk 512 MB Secure Digital Ultra II (SDSDH-512-901) -- for $69.98
    2. SanDisk SDSDB-512-A10 512 MB Secure Digital Card -- after rebate only @29.98

    Is there a big difference between the two? I would be using it primarily to store applications (don't envision too many as I am a Mac user and not lots out there), pictures and maybe some email files. Have an iPod for music, which also is my backup HD with Mac OS and important files when I travel.

    I've read the Ultra II is 'much faster' in terms of upload and download, other complain the cheaper model is made in China and quality an issue..worth the extra money? Any other recommendations?

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    I used to have a regular Sandisk 256 MB card. Now I have a Sandisk Ultra II 1 GB card and it is noticeably faster.
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    but beware, the Ultra II's are notorious for corrupting
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